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Tailwind Communities remind me of a mix between a Facebook group and an Instagram pod. Formerly known as Tribes (read about the name change here), Communities is a hub for Pinterest marketers to both get eyeballs on their content and find complementary content to share. Ready to learn how to use Tailwind Communities? Keep reading!

Learn how to use Tailwind Communities to help get your content in front of others in your niche while helping you save time with share-worthy content!

Tailwind Communities Basics

Communities can look overwhelming at first glance. However, Tailwind created Communities as a way to inspire collaboration without the spammy practices seen in other places.

Each Community is hosted by a Community Owner signified by the green crown icon beside their name. Sometimes Communities will have additional Admins, which is signified with a blue badge icon. Having these leaders in place ensures that the Community stays within the rules and on-topic.

Every single Tailwind Community will have different rules and topics. Some of my clients are home decor bloggers, so they are in a variety of Communities about home decor. Each of those Communities has a different set of rules to follow. It is important to follow those rules and guidelines so you do not get removed from the Community.


Finding Tailwind Communities to Join

When you first join Tailwind, you will walk through some tutorials on how to use the platform. One of those tutorials is all about Tailwind Communities and you’ll even join your first Community.

Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you can begin finding other Communities to join. From the Communities tab, you will click the “Find a Community” button. 

Tailwind Communities button to find a community to join

Then you will be able to search for Communities within your niche. Simply type in a keyword or click one of the category buttons. 

Tailwind Communities search feature to find a new community to join

I typed in DIY and you can see the results below: 

Results for searching DIY on Tailwind Communities "find a community" feature

Not only did the return give me a list of Communities to join, it showed a few related topics I could search for as well.

On the basic Tailwind plan, you are able to join up to five Communities. This is a great level for entry-level Pinterest marketers and those without a lot of content. Once you begin producing a higher level of content, I suggest upping your Tailwind level so you can join more Communities and submit more content to them. Get a free 100-pin trial to Tailwind and start using Communities today through my affiliate link!


Using Tailwind Communities

Remember the golden rule? How you should treat others the way you want to be treated? Awesome! Well, within Tailwind Communities collaboration and sharing are celebrated.

Before submitting your own content to a Tailwind Community, it is highly suggested that you share others’ content first. This shows that you’re not just in the Community to reap benefits without helping others. Many Communities have rules about 1:1 sharing and submitting. That means for every piece of content you submit to a Community, you should also be sharing one.

My advice as a Pinterest Strategist is to share content from Communities that doesn’t compete with your business. If you are a direct seller or MLM business, it does not make sense to share content from competing businesses or other sellers of the same company.

Make sure you share content from Communities that can help your ideal client while complementing your content. Let’s say you sell metal jewelry. Well, it is not the best idea to share other metal jewelry, but you could share content about what necklines work best with different necklace lengths.


Submitting Content to Tailwind Communities 

Once you’ve shared a few pieces of content from a Tailwind Community, then it’s time to submit your own content. Make sure your pin graphic is a vertical, high-quality graphic. This will help your content get shared by Community members. Remember that each Tailwind Community has a different topic. So your “How to Style a Scarf” content will not fit in a “Home Decor Only” Tailwind Community.

As you are submitting content to Tailwind Communities, make sure you include a keyword-rich description and a pin title. No matter how amazing the graphic is, without these two items, I will always skip over your content. Help other Community members help you!

Also, please please please make sure the source link of the content is correct. I see a lot of pins submitted that link back to Pinterest. This is coming from a repin not loading correctly. To fix this, I suggest directly uploading the graphic into Tailwind’s draft section under the publisher tab.


Evaluating if Tailwind Communities Are Working for You

Tailwind Communities has a feature called Insights. Here you are able to evaluate if the Communities you’re a part of are working for you or not. Insights show how many pins you’ve submitted per Community, how many re-shares you’ve received, and the reach of those re-shares!

When using Tailwind Communities as part of your Pinterest strategy, this is valuable information. You’ll be able to make data-based decisions about Communities using the Insights page.

Another way to evaluate if Tailwind Communities are working for you is through Google Analytics. Using Kristie Hill’s Pinterest Dashboard for Google Analytics, I can see my traffic from Tailwind Communities. This is the direct traffic you are gaining from Pinterest through Communities alone. I love knowing this information because I can see which content is driving the most traffic from Communities.


Get Started with Tailwind Communities

The best way to put all this information to use is to practice it! Head over to Tailwind now and go to the Communities tab. Start working through this blog post and practicing with scheduling content from Communities!

If you need a free 100-pin trial to Tailwind, click here to use my affiliate link.

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