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Are you using Pinterest board sections on your Pinterest for Business account? If you are a content creator (meaning a business owner or blogger), then keep reading to find out why you should not use this Pinterest feature.

Pinterest Board Sections – Why Content Creators Shouldn’t Use Them

Board sections were created for the regular Pinterest user. This feature allows the regular Pinterest user to organize their boards a bit more. So if this is helpful for the regular Pinner, why is it not recommended for the business user?

Why you shouldn't use Pinterest board sections as a content creator! Get my tips for creating Pinterest Boards instead! #contentcreator #pinterestboards #pinterestmarketing #saunderssays

Why You Should Not Use Board Sections As a Content Creator

First, Pinterest board titles are indexed by Google. Board sections are not. Tailwind also does not schedule pins to board sections, but will schedule to the board. Check out my Tailwind posts here: Tailwind for Pinterest Automation, Building a Community with Tailwind Tribes, and Tailwind for Pinterest – Best Features.

To improve your Pinterest SEO, you will want to have more boards that are optimized and keyworded. Use keywords and titles to optimize for your niche and ideal client. You want to attract them to your Pinterest account. Board sections hide within boards. Therefore, they cannot be optimized and will not help you get found.

Create New Pinterest Boards Instead

If you find yourself wanting to create board sections, I highly urge you to create Pinterest boards instead. This is a sure sign that you actually need more boards anyway.

The ideal number of Pinterest boards is between 25-75 anyway. So if you are below that threshold, it’s time to create more boards. You can read more about Pinterest Boards on my post 7 Things You Need To Know About Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine

Pinterest is a visual search engine and board sections make it slightly cluttered and clunky. View your account from an ideal client’s point of view. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find you and for them to save your pins.

The prettier your account is, the more likely they are going to want to save your content and even follow you! As I mentioned in my post Pinterest Cover Photos for Boards, don’t waste your time making a bunch of board covers just to make it pretty because it’s not worth the ROI.

As you start making new boards instead of making board sections, remember to make sure it has a minimum of 10 pins. If your new Pinterest board does not have the minimum of 10 pins, keep it secret until you’ve hit that number.

Creating Board Sections is a Mistake I See Often

Creating board sections is one of the mistakes I see content creators making frequently. If this is you, do yourself a favor and start the process of creating a new board per board section. Again, you want to use these boards to attract your ideal client and help them find you.

Approaching Pinterest As a Business Owner

As a business owner, you should not use board sections at all. Besides being clunky and kind of ugly, it serves no point to you. Do not fall into the trap of using Pinterest as a USER. You are a business owner and need to wrap your head around using it as such.

When you approach your Pinterest account, you need to be in the business mindset. Make it easy for your ideal client to find you, even if that means more work on your part.

If for some reason you MUST use board sections, please make sure that board is secret.

Improve Your Account With More Boards Instead of Sections

Pinterest board sections were created for the regular platform user. In order to improve your account’s SEO and help your audience find you, you will want to create more boards with keyword rich titles.

2 comments on “Why You Shouldn’t Use Pinterest Board Sections”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for writting this post. I am a content marketer and a rookie pinterest user and I’m glad I read your post.

    I have so many sections on my board because I thought it will help my viewers to organize things.

    I will trey to increase my number of boards to 25-75 and I will make sure to have 10 pins in it before I make it public.

  2. Thank you for this informative blog post! I haven’t created sections on my boards but that’s because I didn’t really see the point of it. I’m glad it’s not something I need to be using.

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