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Pinterest likes when Pinners are consistent on the platform, which means you need to be actively saving pins. With an ever-growing to-do list, how can you be on the platform consistently? I know all too well how Pinterest can move to the back burner and be left for tomorrow. Enter Tailwind for Pinterest! In this post, learn how you can use Tailwind as a Pinterest Strategist or as someone managing their own account and the best features!

The Best Features of Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind has been the biggest tool in my toolbox since launching this blog in Summer 2017. I am a huge fan of Tailwind for Pinterest automation because they are an approved API partner with Pinterest.

That means they are vetted by Pinterest and must follow their rules and regulations for working as a third-party! A piece of advice from me: do not use a company that is not an approved API partner. You risk losing your entire Pinterest account.

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Besides the automation of saving pins to Pinterest, there are so many other features to utilize with Tailwind for Pinterest. A few of my favorite Tailwind features are Tailwind Tribes, SmartLoop, and Insights. You can read about using Tailwind Tribes to Build Community here.

Get Smart & Use Tailwind’s SmartLoop Feature

SmartLoop is a newer feature of using Tailwind for Pinterest. After testing SmartLoop for a long time, Tailwind finally released it in Fall 2018 to those who signed up to be beta users. It is now available to all Tailwind users.

Being transparent here, it took me a while to give SmartLoop a good try. It looked super confusing and I was already manually looping pins for both myself and clients. After making myself sit down and learn it, I started to see the beauty of it.

Learning to Use SmartLoop on Tailwind for Pinterest

Even as a Pinterest Strategist and avid Tailwind user, I decided to purchase Simple Pin Media’s Tailwind SmartLoop Simplified course.

The reason I invested in this course is that I want to make sure I have the best information while serving my clients and I wanted to get the data information Simple Pin Media created. Within the first five minutes of digging through the course, I was blown away. There is SO MUCH good information there.

The course is perfect for those of you DIY’ing your own Pinterest management and those who are Pinterest Strategists. If you have someone actively managing your Pinterest account, this course is not the best use of your time or money.

Different Loops For Different Folks

SmartLoop has two distinct loop types: evergreen and seasonal. For those that create seasonal content such as summer recipes, summer fashion, summer crafts, summer decorating, etc, you will want to use the seasonal loops for this type of content. This allows those pins to only be looped during the timeframe you set.

Content creators like myself do not necessarily create seasonal content. The content we create is evergreen, meaning it can apply at any time in the year. For this case, you will want to use the evergreen loop type.

In Simple Pin Media’s Tailwind SmartLoop Simplified course, there are three different power loop lessons. These lessons focus on A/B testing, growing your email list, and pinning others’ content through SmartLoop!

Until this course was released, I did not think about using SmartLoop to pin others’ content or to even grow my email list. #facepalm

Tailwind for Pinterest = Data Goldmine

Using Tailwind for Pinterest allows you to have access to a plethora of data through Tailwind’s Insights feature. Over the last year, I can think of times when “rumors” were started and Pinterest users started making major changes to their strategies.

One of these instances were about group boards not working anymore. That sent a panic wave and a lot of Pinners began leaving group boards without even looking at their Tailwind Insights.

Board Insights

Before making any major changes, make sure to check your insights!

Tailwind actually has a Board Insights tab. This information helps you understand if any board is working for you or not, including group boards. Make sure your data backs up any changes you plan to make or make on behalf of a client.

Group boards are still working for both myself and many of my clients. Like they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Pin Inspector

Besides Board Insights, Tailwind also has a Pin Inspector feature. This allows you to know which pin you’ve shared has the most saves! Within the Pin Inspector, it also tells you when the pin was originally saved and to which board AND allows you to schedule it again.

Funny enough, the last time I checked my Pin Inspector one of my most saved pins was a basset hound. Yall, it was not even my own basset hound, Storm, nor my own content. As a proud dog mom, I know that basset hounds and dog-related pins do well on my account. Which means I will continue to keep cute dogs in my personal pin rotation!

Profile Performance

Another feature from Insights on Tailwind for Pinterest is the Profile Performance. This is my most-used feature when gathering data for my clients. I love that it allows me to see how well their Pinterest profile is performing.

From followers gained to how many pins were saved and how many repins received to comments received, the Profile Performance tab is a wealth of information.

As a Pinterest Strategist, I love being able to see all of this information in one spot. The virality score, engagement score, and engagement rate wheels are also helpful when tracking trends over long periods of time.

Is Tailwind for Pinterest Worth It?

Tailwind for Pinterest is perfect for anyone looking to be consistent on Pinterest as well as those who want to make data-based business decisions.

Not only is this platform for Pinterest Strategists, but it is also for those managing their own accounts. Even if you plan to hire someone to oversee your Pinterest account in the future, they are going to want you to have a Tailwind account.

This allows Pinterest Strategists and account managers to keep your pinning consistent, curate content for your account, share your content with others in your niche, and all of the information and data to make strategic changes. Tailwind for Pinterest is well worth the $15/month it currently costs.

Do I Need Tailwind? Do My Clients Need Tailwind?

As a content creator, you can start using Tailwind at any point in your journey. If you are a Pinterest-based service provider, make sure you understand the ins and outs of this program. The more you know, the better you can assist your clients in strategy and any future changes.

If you do not currently have any content, do not sign up for Tailwind for Pinterest yet. Work on creating content first. Then seek to understand how to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool. Once you have those two pieces in place, you can start using Tailwind effectively.

Want a free 100-pins trial to test out Tailwind for Pinterest? You can click here to get your free trial now!


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