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I gained way more than just blogging skills from launching a blog; blogging was the gateway to starting my own business. In fact, this website started out as a lifestyle blog that turned into a full business website with a blog component.

Launching a blog provided me with more than just blogging skills. Find out the top 5 things I gained from launching a blog! #blogging #bloggingtips #startablog #saunderssays

Launching a Blog Provided Me With More Than Blogging Skills

From launching a blog, I gained more than I’m going to cover in this one post. To keep this post at an ideal length, I’m limiting it to these five things I’ve gained from launching a blog:

  1. A business
  2. Online friends
  3. More confidence
  4. A creative outlet
  5. Something to learn

I Launched a Business From My Blog

As I mentioned, this website started as a lifestyle blog. I wrote about fashion, beauty, my dogs, personal stuff, and business tools and tips.

While writing these posts I taught myself about Pinterest and how to utilize it for growing website traffic. I then went down the Pinterest rabbit hole and began learning more about automating my process and how to use Tailwind to save time and curate content.

Blogging About Tools I Use

Since these two tools were helping me, I decided to write blog posts about Tailwind and Pinterest. My Tailwind for Pinterest Automation post was noticed by Tailwind and they reached out to me. Tailwind wanted to promote my blog post on social media and Pinterest. Say what?!

Time went on and I continued to write more posts about Tailwind like Building a Community With Tailwind Tribes and How to Schedule Instagram Posts With Tailwind. All while writing about Tailwind and Pinterest, I realized I needed to launch my own business to help others with their Pinterest accounts. My blog was just one platform where I was able to help others grow their website and blog traffic, but launching an agency would allow me to completely take that off their plates.

This lifestyle blog turned business website was the ball that got the momentum rolling for me to launch Saunders Says. I cannot be more grateful for the path it took me down.

Friendships From Courses & Blogging Skills

I learned about blogging through a course I took a few years ago. While there are plenty of better blogging courses out there, this was the one that worked for me at the time. Even though it wasn’t the very best course, it did provide me with some of the networks and friendships that I still have today.

Just like being in a regular classroom setting, when you go through a course together you’re going to end up making friends. With blogging, sometimes it plain out sucks. Misery loves company, right?!

Support Needed – This Isn’t For The Weak

Blogging is super tough work, yall. There is so much more than just a pretty looking post.

There are all these technical behind-the-scenes things to be built and coded, plugins to drive you crazy, and, oh yeah, actually writing content for people to read. When you’re super new to blogging, it can be really rough getting into the groove of writing. It’s basically like pulling teeth.

What happens once you finish the initial blogging course? You need a support network. That is the magic of friendship! My blogging friends are amazing! We go to each other for brainstorming ideas, celebrating wins, and venting when you’ve accidentally deleted something without backing your website up. Yes, it happens to all of us. Let this be your friendly reminder to back that ish up!

Accountability Partners Are Like Sports Bras

The accountability and support from my blogging friends like Holly Peck and Devin Zarda compare to nothing else. It’s hard to talk about the ins and outs of blogging with someone who doesn’t blog. I find myself talking to these women on a daily basis.

Not only are they providing friendship and laughter, but they are the toughest accountability partners you will find. I don’t even know how many times I said “I don’t feel like writing today,” but then one of them will ask me when my next post is being published. Or you know, they give you an idea and tell you to go write about it. Then a day later they ask when it’s going to be live.

These ladies are basically my sports bra of blogging – they keep me from bouncing all over the place and hold me steady to my goals!

The Confidence to Write On

My background in higher education provided me with the feeling that my writing was never good enough. Writing in graduate school and professional needed to be very formal and structured. Strong academic writing was not conversational or colloquial. Launching a blog taught me that my blog writing does not have to be formal or perfect.

Writing for a blog is VERY different than writing for academia. I get to use my voice, my style, and I get to talk directly to the reader like we’re friends–because we are! This style of writing has given me my confidence in writing back.

Sure, writing for research and academic papers has its place. That place is not on my blog.

Be Yourself When Writing For Your Blog

My advice to you if you’re launching a blog is to be yourself and not get caught up in having the perfect grammar, the perfect sentence structure, the perfect whatever.

That is not how people talk in real life and when you’re writing for your blog, you want to write how you talk. Not to mention, you also want to write how people read from their phones–they scan. So short and choppy, FTW!

An Outlet For Creativity

Launching a blog also gave me a creative outlet. It gave me a place to produce something creative. Writing content, creating graphics, playing on Pinterest–all of these things are so pleasing to my eyes and my creative soul.

Did you know I was a mass communication major in undergrad? Yep. So this whole blogging thing makes my heart sing. I get to drive the whole creative process from the ground up and be the force behind the editorial calendar. Sometimes I pretend I work at a major magazine when I say editorial calendar. I mean, it is basically the same thing since I’m running my business.

Creative Immersion

Within this creative outlet, I allow myself to get so focused into my work that I forget about everything else. I work at home, so if I’m not writing and fully into my work, I would eat my entire house down.

Yall, that’s not healthy and I’m really trying to be healthy these days. Some people go to the gym, but I like writing blog posts. They build muscle, I build a business. Both are still creative outlets!

Learning Those Blogging Skills

If you know me in real life, you know I have a love of learning. I’m basically a sponge when it comes to knowledge and I will soak up every single morsel possible. But only if I’m interested in that specific topic. Blogging has provided me with something I can constantly learn.

Even early on, all of those blogging skills I had to learn like installing a plugin or setting up automatic backups gave me joy. With a platform that is ever changing, I have to be on my A game. Launching a blog five years ago is going to look very different from launching a blog today or just 6 months in the future.

Learning Sparks Joy For Me

I enjoy learning and blogging allows me to continue that every single day. Learning about making my website faster, how to improve SEO, how to make Google happy, and the list goes on and on. Launching a blog and learning blogging skills is basically a never-ending rabbit hole.

If you love learning as I do, blogging is going to provide you with a fabulous experience.

Besides tech lessons, blogging has taught me about people. I’ve learned more about the true character of people and what it really means to have an abundant mindset. These are lessons that you can’t get just from having blogging skills.

Blogging Gave Me More

Blogging sounds like some simple thing, but it is so much more. I’ve gained friendships, I’ve expanded my tech knowledge, I’ve gained my writing confidence back, I’ve been provided with a creative outlet, and I became a business owner. All of these things because I decided to start a lifestyle blog.

Even though my lifestyle blog transitioned into something so much bigger, I am so thankful that I decided to launch it. I’m thankful for the journey this blog and website has and will continue to provide in the future.

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