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Promoted pins are a hot topic in the online entrepreneur space right now, and I’m going to share why you need to hop on this bandwagon now!

Promoted Pins Are Pinterest Ads And, Yes, You Should Use Them!

Promoted pins are also known as Pinterest ads. Running ads on Pinterest is very cost effective for a small business owner. I’ve worked with ads with as little as an $0.11 CPC (cost per click).

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Promoted Pins Grow Your Business

With such an affordable cost, promoted pins are a great way to market your business whether your goal is awareness, traffic, or sales.

According to Pinterest, promoted pins can actually lead to more in-store sales of 5x or more!

Changes to Promoted Pin Campaigns

In the summer of 2018, Pinterest moved all promoted pin campaigns to One Tap. This basically means when a Pinner sees your ad and clicks on it, they are immediately taken to your landing page.

With One Tap, there is no ability for the Pinterest user to click just for the close up. This feature actually improves your ad’s CTR (click through rate).

One Tap Isn’t Going Away

While there has been some backlash against One Tap, if you are running a promoted pin campaign, there is no way around using it.

So it is important to make One Tap work for you and your promoted pins.

Make One Tap Work For You

My suggestion is to make sure your promoted pins stand out as an ad.

While Pinterest has set up ads to not distract or take away from the user experience, it is important to make your pins stand out as promoted content. This is helpful in reducing your ad spend on non-interested users.

Brighter color backgrounds that do not blend into the white background of the Pinterest feed is one way stand out.

Targeting With Promoted Pins

Another way to keep your ad spend in control with One Tap is being very strategic with your targeting methods.

Options for Targeting with Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers a variety of targeting options for promoted pins. Targeting with Pinterest ads is quite different than other platforms due to the keyword targeting feature.

While Pinterest offers targeting based on audiences, interests, some demographics information, and placement, the best use of your time and money is going to be with targeting by keyword.

Keyword Targeting FTW

Keyword targeting with promoted pins shows yout pins to Pinners actively searching for that keyword.

For example, if you are promoting a vegan meal planner and use the keyword “easy vegan dinner recipes” and a Pinterest user types in “easy vegan dinner recipes” in the search bar, guess what’s showing up? Your promoted pin!

I love keyword targeting! Using this targeting feature makes running promoted pins a no-brainer for me and many of my clients.

What Happens After Running a Promoted Pin Campaign?

What’s even better than keyword targeting? Glad you asked!

Once you’ve finished running a campaign, Pinterest will actually share some pretty significant data with you. This data just happens to be the search terms that Pinners used to find your promoted pins.

Search Terms Provide Valuable Data

When you have the search terms used by Pinners, you are able to recreate and recycle content as well as generate new content ideas.

As you’re creating content just for those search terms, more Pinterest users will find your content in the future! Having the search terms opens up a plethora of information when it comes to content creation.

Why Promoted Pins?

Not yet sold on running promoted pin campaigns? I have one more tidbit that might make your pee your pants with excitement!

On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, when your ad campaign ends and you quit paying money for that ad, it goes away. Literally, the information just disappears into thin air and no one sees it.

Promoted Pin Campaigns Are Evergreen

Well, on Pinterest, once a promoted pin campaign ends and you’ve stopped paying for it to be promoted, it does not go away.

It is evergreen. That pin continues living on Pinterest, along with all the promoted pin campaign data you have for it.

This is HUGE! If you’re pants aren’t wet yet, you might want to run to the restroom.

Evergreen Provides Higher ROI and Earned Media

With promoted pins being evergreen, your earned media and lifetime return on investment is basically limitless. Earned media is basically the cherry on top of the sundae.

After you’ve finished paying for Pinterest ads, you can continue to see traffic, clicks, and saves on that same pin you promoted. That’s exactly what earned media is after you’ve paid for a campaign, you still see activity from your promoted pins without spending more!

Ready to Run Promoted Pins?

If you weren’t sold on running promoted pins before, I hope you are now. Get in this space before the masses and take advantage of it!

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  1. I definitely like the convenience of being taken straight to the landing page. It is frustrating to have to keep learning new systems on pinterest though.

  2. This is so helpful! I haven’t run any promoted pins yet because I wasn’t sure how they worked or if it was worth it. This is such encouraging information!

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