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If you’re looking to hire someone to manage your Pinterest presence, you may hire a Pinterest VA or a Pinterest Strategist. What’s the difference in a Pinterest VA and a Pinterest Strategist? How do you know that you’re hiring the right service provider for your business?

What’s The Difference: Pinterest VA or Pinterest Strategist?

As the founder and owner of Saunders Says, a Pinterest Marketing Agency, I consider myself a Pinterest Strategist. The amount of work and education – not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears – I put into this business is not for the faint of heart.

Pinterest VA vs Pinterest Strategist - What's the difference? Learn about the various provider levels from Pinterest-based businesses. #pinterestva #pintereststrategist #saunderssays

I am still learning and continuing my education around Pinterest because it is an ever-changing, ever-evolving platform and I want to be the go-to expert. As an agency, I am able to bring on more clients because I have a team that I have trained in my method and strategy for Pinterest marketing and management.

The Pinterest VA is a Virtual Assistant for Pinterest

A Pinterest VA can be a great addition to your team if you are just getting started with blogging or have a smaller budget. VA stands for Virtual Assistant – meaning this person works virtually and could live anywhere around the globe.

Pinterest VA’s typically charge less, are getting their feet wet in the Pinterest realm and will have a smaller client load due to their other responsibilities. Many Pinterest VA’s are either working full-time or they are a stay at home mom and want to bring in some additional income from this side hustle.

Pinterest Strategists are Pinterest Experts

When you hire a Pinterest Strategist, you are going to pay a higher cost. Strategists are experts, having spent the time it takes to learn all the Pinterest things and use that knowledge in their business every single day.

Pinterest Strategists are up to date on information like algorithm changes, the best pin image sizes, hashtag usage, and other information that might come down the pipeline next.

Strategists Seek Continuing Pinterest Education

These are the people who know the Pinterest best practices, they watch Pinterest webinars, they go to conferences and learn from others in the field, they write guest blog posts for Tailwind, they speak at conferences about Pinterest, and they are even teaching local classes about Pinterest.

Strategists are seeking to continue their growth and learn every single day. They are not simply filling your Tailwind queue and making sure your content is shared to Pinterest.

Can’t You Just Fill My Tailwind Queue?

I’ll be honest with yall. It irks me people ask if I can just fill their Tailwind queue for “like $150/month.” As a Pinterest Strategist, I offer the strategy and a method I developed to manage your Pinterest presence and actively grow traffic to your website. Yes, Tailwind is an amazing tool that is a piece of the Pinterest management service. However, it’s not the end all, be all answer to your Pinterest content marketing.

If you are just needing your queue full on Tailwind, there is nothing wrong with hiring a Pinterest VA. Again, a VA is helpful for those who just need to get things done quickly while on a budget. Pinterest VA’s are typically newer to the Pinterest world, but they can help you get started. These type of service providers are perfect for newer businesses, solopreneurs, and beginner bloggers.

Pinterest VA vs Manager vs Strategist

Not throw a wrench in this whole blog post, but there is even a middle level of Pinterest service providers called Pinterest Managers. Think of it in terms of a business title.

When you first start in an office, your title might be “… Coordinator” or “Coordinator of…” that would be the entry-level title similar to a Pinterest VA. Once you’ve moved up, you might be an “Assistant Director of…” or “Associate Director of…” and those titles are compared to the Pinterest Manager level. Your Pinterest Strategist levels compare to “Director of…” or “VP of…” business titles.

Are You Launching a Pinterest-Based Business?

As a Pinterest Strategist, I even offer training and programs to help others start their own businesses as Pinterest Managers. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Pinterest VA, but if you’re launching a Pinterest-based business, why not go all in and become a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Strategist?

By diving deeply into the Pinterest world, you can become a Pinterest Strategist and make top dollar. Having the knowledge base and skills to be a Pinterest Strategist takes time and investment, but people start seeking you out as the expert and are willing to pay for your expertise.

Skyrocket Your Website Traffic With a Strategist

If you are ready to take your Pinterest up a level and really grow your website traffic, then a Pinterest Strategist is right for you and your business. They focus on getting your content on Pinterest in the right, strategic way for your business niche. Pinterest Strategists know what works best for your account and why.

From A/B testing pin images to content distribution percentages to the best boards for your ideal clients and more. A Pinterest Strategist will take you from point A to point Z while creating the roadmap that is going to work best for you. They are so much more than filling up a queue and that is why you are paying more.

What’s Best For You: a Pinterest VA or a Pinterest Strategist?

When hiring someone to “do” Pinterest for you, consider the various levels I just covered. A Pinterest VA might be the best bet for you now, while a Pinterest Strategist might be better for you in a few years. Or maybe you want to kick ass immediately with your business and want to hire a Pinterest Strategist.

Still not sure if you should hire someone to oversee your Pinterest marketing? Check out my post about hiring a Pinterest Account Manager.

Whatever you decide, I hope this blog post helped you with your decision. If you found this information useful in your decision-making process, would you mind sharing it on Pinterest?


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