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Pinterest monthly viewers means that people see a pin. Not even your content from your website per se – when scrolling through one of the feeds of Pinterest. It literally means they saw a pin. They scrolled by the pin. It does not mean that they clicked through to your website. It does not mean that they stopped and stared at your pin. It does not mean they purchased something or that they signed up for your email list. So why does this number matter so much to so many? Because they do not understand the actual meaning of this vanity number.

What does Pinterest Monthly Viewers mean?

I actually had someone think that Pinterest monthly viewers was their clicks to their website one time. Let me tell you, monthly viewers are NOT clicks to your website from Pinterest, nor is it your actual website visitors. In fact, the only way to know how many clicks you’re receiving from Pinterest to your website is to have Google Analytics installed on your website.

What does Pinterest monthly viewers really mean? This vanity number is a measurement that many content creators get stuck on growing. #monthlyviewers #pinterestmarketing #saunderssays

The key to knowing if your Pinterest strategy is working or not is to see how much traffic Pinterest is sending to your website. Pinterest does provide data on the actual Pin image, but the best and most accurate information is going to come from Google Analytics.

Signifying the Health of an Account

Besides making content creators crazy and numbers-obsessed, what good is this monthly viewers number? The Pinterest monthly viewers number can actually signify the health of your Pinterest account. What does the health of your account mean. Well, think about it this way:

Content Creator A has 75k followers on Pinterest with 13k monthly viewers. Content Creator B has 800 followers and 1.1m monthly viewers. Which Pinterest account is healthier? The healthier of these two accounts is Content Creator B.

Now, if your Pinterest monthly viewers number is suddenly tanking going from say 5.5m to less than 100k, something bigger is going on. I suggest reaching out to Pinterest or to a Pinterest Strategist like myself. One of my service offerings is a Pinterest Strategy Call and we can deep dive into your account together and make a strategic plan to get your account to a healthy standing.

Vanity Numbers Make You Feel Good

Pinterest monthly viewers can also be inflated by pinning highly seasonal and trending topics. I personally hover around 130-150k monthly viewers on my Pinterest account and I’m okay with that. Sure, I’d love to have over 1m monthly viewers, but I’m not getting caught up in a vanity number on my own account. I’d rather spend more time and strategy on my clients’ accounts. As long as my Pinterest account is healthy and I’m consistently pinning, I’m happy with it.

Put Your Blinders on and Ignore Pinterest Monthly Viewers

If you are one to get caught up in numbers, I urge you to quit looking at this number daily or even weekly. There is no point in looking at this number more than monthly because it can be so finicky. Sometimes there might even be a glitch where all accounts are showing 0 monthly viewers. It has happened in the past and everyone was freaking out. Or Pinterest might quit showing monthly viewers.

You want to make sure this number is not impacting your daily mental health. It’s almost like worrying about how many likes you received on an Instagram post.  By tracking monthly, you can begin seeing trends over time. Trends are much more important to track and will help you understand the health of your Pinterest account over the years.

The Cyclical Nature of Pinterest Can Impact Monthly Viewers

Don’t forget that Pinterest has its own calendar cycle too. Almost all accounts will see a decline in Pinterest-related statistics the day after Christmas. Health-focused content creators and those with content that helps people get more organized, more focused, and “better” in the new year will continue to see a growth in their statistics. Brace yourself and expect to see a dip in traffic, monthly viewers, and even clicks, but do not get caught up in these numbers going down some. Christmas is a huge holiday on Pinterest and it starts ramping up in the late Summer months. If you want a little hack to improve your monthly viewers or to keep them from dipping too low during the new year, then start pinning content related to being healthy, goal setting, personal growth, and organizing!

Do Not Get Caught up by Vanity Numbers

If the monthly viewers number disappeared from Pinterest, I would not complain. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this either! I spend a lot of time connecting with other Pinterest Strategists and we all wish content creators would stop getting caught up in this one little number. We’d rather you focus on the things that really matter like website traffic and conversions.

So if you’re feeling down or even concerned about your monthly viewers numbers, I encourage you to take a longer look at your website traffic from Pinterest as well as how many conversions you’re getting from Pinterest.

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