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Guest blogger, Sedale J. McCall shares how to use Instagram to gain loyal customers! Sedale joins us from

More Than Traffic: Using Instagram to Gain Loyal Customers

Instagram is the hot social media platform right now. The site now boasts over one billion monthly active users and seems like it has a new feature coming out every week. But, is it the right tool for bloggers and brands? I believe the jury is still out on this.

using instagram to gain loyal customers

Building a Relationship with Instagram

It’s very clear that Pinterest is a great traffic driver, and many bloggers attribute 80, even 90 percent of their traffic to doing well on Pinterest. However, there is more to building a blog or a brand than driving website traffic. Especially if you have a product or service you want to make an income from, you need people to do more than click to your page. You need to build a relationship with them so they buy from you over and over.

Instagram Creates Meaningful Engagement With Future Clients

That’s where Instagram comes in. In addition to traffic, you can get enormous, meaningful engagement on the platform that shows your audience why they should become customers, not just viewers. We already know impressions don’t matter, let’s get beyond impressions to meaningful interactions and engagements. Here are the top 3 ways to use Instagram to build your community and your brand:

  • Engage with relevant profiles and hashtags in your niche. It’s common knowledge that hashtags are the way to talk about your subject on Instagram. Instagram even lets you follow hashtags to view other content in your niche. Use this to your advantage. Search for the hashtag in your niche and comment on every relevant post you can. Do this for multiple hashtags and over time, you will get a community that sees you as an active member.
  • Leverage all the features available. The great thing about Instagram is that like its parent company Facebook, Instagram has several platforms and features you can use to get attention. Use news feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and IGTV when appropriate. Pro-tip: Instagram users use news feed posts for information about brands and products, while they use Stories to see what’s happening now or to get tutorials. That’s according to research from Instagram.  
  • Provide free value first, then bring up your service. Have you ever gotten a DM from a brand you followed, minutes after you followed them? Do you work with them now? Me neither. You should bring value to your audience first, then if it’s valuable to them, you can bring up the services you provide. Further, if you start by engaging and bringing value, you will learn the best way to offer your service and solve your customer’s problem. And when you do that, they will let others know and come back to you for more!


Next Steps for Using This Social Media Platform

Instagram is a great tool to get views and attention. People may even be impressed with your profile and engage with it regularly. But, the tips above will allow you to take full advantage of the platform, while also getting people closer to buying your product or services. Use these tips in addition to driving traffic via Pinterest, and you will have a solid system for growing your business on social media.

Sedale McCall from Today on Social talks about using Instagram to grow your loyal customersFor more ways to use Instagram to drive customers, check out Sedale J. McCall over at Today on Social or visit his Instagram profile @TodayOnSocial. Today on Social provides social media tips, trends and news for brands, blogs and small businesses.

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