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Welcome to the fifth post in the Summer Branding Series! Lucy Parker Randall, this week’s guest blogger from Life With Lucy Blog, shares branding beyond the logo with us. You can find the previous posts here: Part 1: Why Do I Need A Personal Brand, Part 2: Creating An Authentic BrandPart 3: How To Know It’s Time To Change Branding, & Part 4: The Brand Photo Shoot! Enjoy!

When you think of a powerful brand, what is the first thing you think of? Is it the logo?
That is one of the first things associated with a person’s brand.
But, branding goes much more in depth than a person’s logo.

Branding Series — Part 5

When I look at an overall brand, I‘m looking at every tiny detail from the fonts, to the color scheme, to the style, and how it is consistently used throughout their social media and website or any other marketing materials they distribute.

branding beyond the logo

Branding Beyond The Logo

So then, what is one of the first things to consider when you are wanting to create a memorable and powerful brand? The most important thing, is to 100% be you and let that shine through every aspect of your brand. Your brand needs to reflect you: your personality, your style, your look, your complete vibe. Take your branding beyond the logo.

Brand Personality

I don’t want to meet a photographer who has this very beautiful bright branding, bright vibrant photographs, colorful website, fun and interactive presence online to show up and meet Wednesday Addams. Your brand needs to reflect you.

When I speak online in my social media or through my blog, my voice stays consistent because that is quite literally just how I talk. I want to talk to people like they are my friends and if you know me, you know I haven’t ever met a stranger.

Self-Reflection to Discover Your Brand

The best way to discover and dive deep with yourself is to do a lot of self reflection. Ask yourself these questions: What are you good at? What are your favorite colors? Are you an indoor or outdoor kind of person? What is your Myers-Briggs?

These just brim the surface but start really taking notes and writing down WHO YOU ARE. Don’t be afraid to say, you don’t know, that is okay but let’s change that…take the first step and start digging to the bottom of who you are.

Smitten & Hooked - branding beyond the logo

Developing The Whole Brand

When my husband and I started our photography company, Smitten and Hooked we took months to really decide who we wanted our client to be and what we stood for.

We knew we wanted non-traditional people. People we could be friends with. People who cared more about their marriage and relationships than the wedding day itself. These were important in creating our brand. From that, our logo was created and it was two pistols with a small heart above it. The name Smitten and Hooked had a story too…

he was the bag man
she was the trigger woman
seperately they were a mess
together they’re mayhem

It had a Bonnie and Clyde vibe to it. We wanted to stand out. We didn’t want to be a generic photographer team lost in a sea of other photographers so we branded ourselves differently in order to stand out to our ideal client.

Branding Is Much Deeper Than A Logo

Our website reflected our brand perfectly. Our studio was a reflection of our website and brand. When we send things to our clients, the brand once again stayed consistent. The marketing collateral we sent was all the same vibe. The presents we send reflect us and our branding. We wanted people to feel that they were our new BFF’s and this was going to be a fun adventure together.

client gifts - branding beyond the logo

So….moral of the story friends: YOU DO YOU BOO.

Make your brand about you. Make it different. No one else in this entire universe can be you so don’t be afraid to stand out and make this brand and what you do reflect who you are.

Brand Strategy

Do you need to talk the strategy of your brand beyond the logo? Head over to my work with me page and check out my branding services! Let’s chat about bringing your brand to life!



Lucy Parker Randall lives an anything but ordinary life with her hottie husband and two beautiful daughters! Lucy encourages you to accept the messiness in life and use it as your message. She is an obsessed dog mom to a goldendoodle, Montana, and a basset hound, Marlon. Currently a student at SCAD and an Art Teacher, Lucy is spreading her creative, messy life at Life With Lucy. You can also find her gorgeous hand lettering pieces on Etsy! Find Lucy on instagram and follow her messy message!

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