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Jennifer Newcomb approached me about a logo design this past spring when she was launching her new venture, Reclaimed By You. After a quick discovery call, Jennifer and I knew we had to work together. Let me tell you, she is a dream client! After her logo was finalized, we decided to work on a full brand design suite together. Read on for the full details!

Brand Design – Reclaimed By You

Brand Design pin image


From Salvage to Sparkle

When I realized Jennifer’s idea of Reclaimed By You was all the things that my crafty side loved, I couldn’t wait to dive in and make a logo for her. Then she had to tell me about her tagline: From Salvage To Sparkle. I about screamed I was so excited to find a client that matched my inner Pinterest craft queen! (Did y’all know I once made a hammock stand from scratch with my husband?!)

Knowing the mission of Reclaimed By You to take reclaimed wood and other materials and turn them into beautiful home decor pieces made the onboarding portion of working with Jennifer as a brand design client a breeze. Immediately after our discovery call, we started working together on a secret Pinterest board to save ideas to inspire and set the mood for Jennifer’s brand.

Sparkling Brand Design

With wooden textures, peeling wood, and hand-sketched lettering as my inspiration, I took Jennifer’s idea from her head to paper and then to digital format. Through many tweaks and nitpicking (ha! I kid!), Reclaimed By You’s logo was born. Can I tell y’all I was so giddy about this logo that I still get chills looking at it?!

Reclaimed By You Logo

A week of so later, Jennifer decided she needed business cards and packaging stickers. I suggested she just upgrade to a branding package and the rest is history. Reclaimed By You now has a full branding suite and a website!

Brand Board

Reclaimed By You - brand board


Brand Design – Print & Social Media

Jennifer selected the Standard Branding package. Within this brand design package, she was able to select social media and print media collateral.

Facebook cover image graphics – Jennifer wanted to make sure that Reclaimed By You looked cohesive across all social media platforms. I love these Facebook graphics!

Reclaimed By You - facebook cover image Reclaimed By You - facebook cover image Reclaimed By You - facebook cover image

Blog signature graphic because we both knew that Jennifer was working on launching a website! Check out the gorgeous Reclaimed By You website now! Side note – Jennifer did work with me to develop her website through!

Business cards are a must for networking and any business. With Jennifer launching a growing business, the business cards were a no-brainer for her brand design package.

Reclaimed By You - business cards

Reclaimed By You - business cards

Packaging stickers work for the back of the pieces her clients take From Salvage to Sparkle! We wanted to make sure they know where the item was sourced from in addition to Reclaimed By You’s contact information for potential future projects.

reclaimed by you brand design stickers


I cannot wait to see what comes in the future for Reclaimed By You and Jennifer!

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