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Welcome to the second post in the Summer Branding Series! Each week, I’ll share a new post on branding! Guest blogger Beth Woodward from Huntress Of Beautiful Things joins us this week to share how as a designer she helps clients in creating an authentic brand. If you missed the first post, check out Part 1 on why you need a personal brand. Enjoy!

Branding Series Part 2

Hi lovelies! I’m Beth! Hunting things of beauty has always been a deep passion of mine, but where I really excel is in the creation of beautiful things that represent your brand and business, similar to Nicole here at Saunders Says. I have a long history in supporting local entrepreneurs through their initial branding process. I enjoy helping businesses in creating an authentic brand voice and message across a variety of platforms.

Regardless of where your business is as this point, your branding matters. And the authenticity of your brand matters. So let’s chat a bit about how you can create something beautiful and powerful to level up your business!

Creating an authentic brand

Brand Identity: Your Brand Is What?

Brand identity isn’t a cost — it’s an investment. A good branding package is just one part of creating an authentic brand. Branding packages are created with your business in mind, and should deliver a visual identity that you can be proud of for years to come.

The struggle with creating a solid brand identity is that so many small business owners and bloggers stop at their logo, colors, and SOMETIMES photo filters. While that is definitely the more visual aspect of your branding, it’s not the only aspect that really sets your business apart.

Creating An Authentic Brand – It’s More Than Meets The Eye

You know the saying: your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. I like this saying because it gives us all a good reminder of what our business should be. Your brand is the way you speak, the way you present yourself online (through what you post and your response to others), and it’s also the morals with with you run your business or blog.

Choosing the things you stand behind as a business owner can be hard. When we try so hard not to offend anyone, we risk losing our personality in the process. This is why it is so important to be authentic in creating your brand.

How I Created Authenticity In My Brand

While I was branding my business, I decided that there were a few things I would not compromise on in order to please clients. These non-negotiable’s helped me in creating an authentic brand for my business.

1. I am a one woman show and have zero desire to justify that to anyone. I know that I am great at what I do, and if a client is concerned about my business not being an agency or larger firm, then they can go elsewhere. Once I decided that, I switched every “we” to “I” and have never looked back!
2. I spend time with my family, I like being outside, and I do not work 9-5. Being an entrepreneur with kids means regular work hours are not always attainable and I am the first person to accommodate clients who are working on their side hustles and can’t do 9-5 either.
3. I swear. A lot. Personally, I believe there are so many other issues in this world, that is the occasional f*bomb sneaks out, the world won’t end. Most of my clients are the same way and appreciate the openness.

Authentic Branding

I build my brand around the following: who I am, what I want from my business, and my business values. When your brand coordinates with you as a business owner and on a personal level, it makes being authentic across the board significantly easier.

So I challenge you to sign down and jot out the reason you have a business, what your passions are, who your target market is, and find the correlations between them. Underneath your logo, colors, fonts, and personal passions, you might find a very real and strong brand waiting to be utilized.

Tell us how you are creating an authentic brand in the comments!


Hunting things of beauty has always been a deep passion, but where Beth really excels is in the creation and sharing of beautiful things that represent your brand and business. For over 8 years, she has proudly designed and supported businesses in their brand concepts as they begin their entrepreneurial journeys! With two Diamond Burlington Readers’ Choice Awards under her belt, Beth also runs The Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario Facebook group. You can find Beth over at Huntress of Beautiful Things!





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