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If you’re familiar with blogging and e-commerce, chances are you’ve heard the term SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization – basically it’s a way to get your site noticed and ranked on search engines like Google. This helps your client and consumer find you and your business easier! SEO for Shopify is just as important as SEO for WordPress.

SEO for Shopify is Important

SEO for Shopify

While there are things you can do to improve SEO for Shopify on your own, there are some behind the things scenes you may not know about. And that’s totally fine. SEO is a huge task that can be overwhelming, even if you consider yourself to be tech savvy.

Hire Out SEO for E-Commerce

If you are not comfortable with the behind the scenes SEO for Shopify or do not have the time to learn it, I recommend hiring it out. Yes, it will cost money, but what’s worth more: money or time? As a small business owner, time can be worth way more. It’s one reason I decided to launch my own business, and I bet it’s one reason you launched one too.

Improve SEO for Shopify Now

Here’s few items to help you improve your SEO for Shopify right now

  1. Add keywords on product listings – both the descriptions and the product title
  2. Don’t use the same product description as your supplier – or risk losing rankings to other retailers
  3. Use those alt-tags – this helps the image get noticed by search engines, so make sure to clearly describe your product

Ready to improve your SEO for Shopify even more? Contact me today and let’s chat about the possibility of hiring Saunders Says to improve your Shopify SEO!

If you’re already implementing SEO on your Shopify site, what tips can you share? Do you have any resources? Comment below and share!


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