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Let me go on record and say it once again: Pinterest impressions do not matter!! Yes, it was worth repeating.

Pinterest Impressions do not matter

Pinterest Impressions – What Are They?

Before I go into the why let’s discuss the what. According to Pinterest, “impressions are the number of times a Pin from your profile has appeared on Pinterest home feeds, category feeds and search.”

Impressions Are Not Impressive

Let me explain on a basic level: APPEARED does not mean SEEN.

Appeared means that your pin was in the feed or in the search. It does NOT mean that your pin was noticed, that it caught the eye of the Pinner, or that you are converting a Pinner into a client or customer. Nor does it mean that the Pinner saved your pin for later.

So thinking of it that way, can you agree that Pinterest impressions, even though obsessed on by some bloggers and businesses, mean essentially nothing?

Bragging about impressions is like bragging about people who walk by you at the store. These people aren’t “noticing” you, they are simply in the same space as you.

What About Monthly Viewers?

Let’s review the average monthly viewers. Pinterest says this number includes “anyone who sees a Pin from your profile on their feeds.”

Another inflated number to make you feel like a badass Pinner. YAY. You can read my full blog post about Pinterest Monthly Viewers Meaning here.

This means that any pin from your profile was on the viewer’s feed. ANY pin. Could be your pin, could be someone else’s content. I will say at least this one means it was indeed, seen.

When I talk numbers with my clients, I do include monthly viewers because it is a number that matters to my clients and it does speak of the visibility of your pins.

What DOES Matter On Pinterest?

Let’s talk about what DOES matter: clicks and conversions.

They are the nuggets that bring the money. This is what matters in business and what proves your strategy is working.

Are Pinners clicking your content and purchasing your product, joining your email list, or saving your pin to take action later? Because if not, your Pinterest strategy is not working for you, and you may want to reevaluate your strategy.

The Impressions Comparison Trap

You may be wondering why I am so passionate about this topic. And I have one answer for you: if you are not getting the impressions and views that others are, DO NOT WORRY!

Let it empower you to focus on creating amazing content that will drive Pinners to save, click, and convert your content.

In the end, what we really want is conversions! We want business, clients, sales. This is the sole intention of our strategy! It’s not about the number of drive by’s or the number of people in the same relative space. It’s simply about clicks and conversions.

Pinterest Is A Marathon

So go forward with your bad self! Get back in the Pinterest marathon and start creating and sharing AMAZING content! Don’t forget to utilize keywords and write awesome pin descriptionsI can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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1 comment on “Pinterest Impressions Don’t Matter”

  1. Can’t agree. Impressions are important just because of being a presence sign. More impressions means this pin is somehow more valuable for Pinterest algorythm, so it shows this pin more and more. In other words, impressions are a clue, key to “hack” Pinterest 🙂
    And if pin is shown more times, then it’ll get more clicks and conversions.
    Simple as that.

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