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Many bloggers get overwhelmed when it comes to how to keyword for Pinterest. However, it’s relatively simple to keyword for Pinterest.

Blogging Tips: How to Keyword for Pinterest

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Bloggers that already keyword for their blog will have a good idea of keywords for Pinterest. To keyword for Pinterest, type the main keyword in the search bar and look at the results. For example, look at what happens when I type in “chicken recipe” in the Pinterest search bar.

The little boxes that pop up under as the suggested search will help determine if there are any good long-tail keywords to use as pin descriptions. After clicking on the first box to compose a long-tail keyword, this is what happens:

From this point, make sure to keyword your “healthy chicken recipe” as needed. It might be an “easy grilled healthy chicken recipe” or a “baked healthy chicken recipe” — make sure to use those keywords to niche down.

Keywording Pin Descriptions

If you’re wondering the best way how to keyword on Pinterest, I suggest focusing on the pin descriptions. Make sure to write in complete sentences when describing the pin and the post that the pin links to on your blog. My favorite WordPress plugin for Pinterest descriptions is Tasty Pinsread about the Tasty Pins plugin here!

Do not stuff keywords into the description, as this will not help you in the long run. Keyword stuffing is just filling keywords into the description, even when they do not make sense.

Using approximately 5 hashtags at the end of the pin description will help the pin get found in hashtag searches. When writing the pin description, remember to write for Pinterest users – what are they searching for on Pinterest?

I put together two sample pin descriptions; which description sounds better:
1) Meat & potato recipe
2) Easy roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes recipe for Sunday dinner. #easyrecipes #roastbeef #sundaydinner

The first option is the one I typically find when I pin for my clients. I will edit as much as I can to get them up to par to be more of a two, but I do suggest you as a blogger do this as it will help anyone you work with and it will help keep pin descriptions consistent when readers pin directly from your blog. This helps keep the pin description in your writing style, the one your readers are used to and will want to read.

Keyword Board Titles & Descriptions Too

Board titles and board descriptions are other important places to keyword. Gone are the days of cute board titles like Yum. Google actually uses board titles in SEO rankings, so make sure it is keyworded appropriately and niched down.

Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes is a much better keyworded board title than Yum. I am a fan of adding a category word in front of the keywords, so my board title will probably read Food | Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes. That helps me find specific boards easier.

Keywording for Pinterest

After reviewing these tips, do you better understand how to keyword for Pinterest? Do you have an action plan to keyword better? Let me know your thoughts!


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