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Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for many bloggers, but as a new blogger you may be wondering why your pins aren’t getting saved and it might just be your pin descriptions. If you are using alt text or alt tags for your pin descriptions, this blog post is for you.

Are You Using Pin Descriptions Correctly for SEO Rankings?

Did you know there is a difference between the alt text and the pin description? A lot of bloggers will start out using alt text for pin descriptions. This is because when someone pins an image from your blog, the alt text automatically populates. Alt text was not created for this purpose though. Search engines, like Google, actually wants bloggers to use the alt text for its original intention, which is to describe the actual image. The alt text is used to help the visually impaired understand the image. When an image cannot be loaded, the alt text will be displayed.

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Alt Text vs. Pin Descriptions

Since the alt text is used to describe what the image contains, it is not the best description to use for Pinterest. Pin descriptions should contain keywords about the blog post and potentially 3-5 hashtags. Remember, you want to encourage Pinterest users to find and save your pin. The better pin descriptions, the more likely it will get saved by a user.

Reserving the alt text to describe the image, where do you put pin descriptions? Good question.

The Solution – Tasty Pins

WordPress does not have a built in feature for pin descriptions, but I found the perfect solution. Tasty Pins is a plugin created by WP Tasty, the creators of Tasty Recipe. As soon as I found out about Tasty Pins I knew I had to purchase it. Since search engines take alt text into consideration when ranking content, this was a no brainer purchase for me. I want to ensure my content is optimized for both Pinterest and search engines because it will make my content easier to find.

Tasty Pins has other features for bloggers such as hiding the pin image and disabling pinning on specific images. These features are just added benefits for the reason I purchased the plugin. If you are struggling with getting your pins saved on Pinterest and SEO rankings, this plugin may be beneficial to you as well.



Tell Me More!

For just $29, you can get Tasty Pins along with any updates for one year. If you decide not to renew in the future, you still have the plugin, but you will not receive any updates. Which means if you do not care about updates, you can buy it one time for $29.

What plugins or tools do you use to help with Pinterest and SEO rankings?

Do you need help with Pinterest? Want to write better pin descriptions? Check out my Pinterest Management Services.

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  1. Hi, do you know if there is a similar plugin that is FREE? I desperately need this in my life but sadly I cannot afford to pay $29. If you know of something that does the same thing for free please reply back and let me know. Thank you!

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