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Color Street officially launched the 2018 Spring Catalog today! I am excited to share these designs, as they are all Spring and Summer focused! Keep reading to find out what type of nail sets are in this catalog! Did you catch my sneak peak of the Spring Catalog? If not, check it out here first.

The Color Street 2018 Spring Catalog

nail art designs mermaid scale, glitter, geometric, polka dots

Purple & Lilac!

Many of my customers have asked for more purple nails. Color Street did not disappoint with the purple nails in the 2018 Spring Catalog! There are a two solid purples with this launch including Windy City, a light lilac, and Saigon Queen, a royal purple.

A New Sports Design

Are you a big sports fan? Or do you have kids that play sports? If you have a volleyball player in your life, you’re in luck. This launch brings a new sport to the nail designs, Sweet Serve. I personally love this volleyball design because it has pops of pink. Also, the new volleyball nail art design is a mixed mani, as you can see in the picture below. I love a mixed mani because it adds a bit of personality.

Glitters, Sparkles, & Glimmers! Oh My!

New sparkles and glitters anyone? The 2018 Spring Catalog brings a variety of new glitters and nail art design glitters. My favorite glitter is Blue Lagoon because of the mix of green and blue glitters, giving a teal look. Another favorite of mine is Capitol Hill. The Capitol Hill glitter nail is a grey background with large rose gold chunky glitter.

The 2018 Spring Catalog is for Florals

Maybe you’re more of a floral person. Color Street launched some amazing new floral designs for this catalog! One of the new designs is a rose gold and purple floral called Andalusia. This nail design is a mixed mani as well and has a shimmer finish. Another floral mixed mani is Early Blooms. Early Blooms also has a shimmer finish with shades of pink, blue, and green over a pink background.

nail art designs on hands

All About Those Geometrics

If you’re into geometric shapes and prints, then you’re going to love the 2018 Spring Catalog. You will find polka dots, triangles, a chevron mixed mani and more in this Color Street launch. One of my favorites is Wisteria Lane, a black polka dot with a red glitter background. Wynwood, another favorite of mine, with geometric triangles in shades of grey and a light pearl glitter.

Make a Splash!

However, my absolute favorite design from the Color Street 2018 Spring Catalog is Atlantis!! This nail art design is a scale design, which to me is a mermaid scale. If you’re not into mermaids, just pretend it’s a dragon scale. The scale design of Atlantis features blue and purple glitter, perfect for any wannabe mermaid, or dragon.

Even More Nail Sets…

I’ll review more of the new nail strips from the 2018 Spring Catalog this week. If you want to see all of the designs, you can view them on my Color Street website. Of the new nail strips I reviewed, which one is your favorite?



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