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Since its debut, users have asked how to schedule Instagram posts. The day is now here that Instagram is allowing approved partners to schedule and post straight to Instagram for those with business accounts. Guess what? Tailwind is an approved Instagram partner!

Now that you’re finished picking your jaw up from the floor after the shock of this major instagram change, let’s review how to schedule instagram posts with Tailwind. If you’re new to Tailwind, you can read about it on my What Is Tailwind post!

Using Tailwind to Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically!

Wondering How To Schedule Instagram Posts?

First of all, make sure you have a Tailwind account. Instagram is only allowing this service through approved partners. While this might feel limiting, I’m really happy that Instagram is only allowing official partners because it takes the worry away. As someone who has spent an insane amount of time building multiple instagram accounts, I would hate to lose it all because of a program that didn’t go through a vetting process.

Next, make sure your Instagram account is a business account. This means you need to go through the conversion process. To have an instagram business account, you must have a facebook fan page. Besides the fan page, it’s a very simple process that the app actually walks you through.

Using Tailwind to Schedule Directly to Instagram

Once your business account is set-up and you have signed up for Tailwind, you can start scheduling posts. When you log into Tailwind from a computer, go to the top left corner. Chances are you’re already using Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, so make sure to select the right account. You can switch social media accounts by clicking your picture on the top left corner of the page.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts with Tailwind!

Across the top of this page, you’ll see a bright banner about automatic posting with a “Set Up Auto Posting Now!” button. Go ahead and click that button! Ekkk! A window within the browser window will pop up. Click the blue button that says “Connect Instagram via Facebook” as this will authenticate your account. Within a few minutes, you’re finished! How awesome and easy was that?

Goodbye Manual Posting!

The world, or maybe just instagram, is your oyster! You’re officially set-up for automatic posting on instagram. No need to daydream about how to schedule instagram posts any longer!

Did you know that you can get a free trial of Tailwind? Yep! Follow this link to get started with Tailwind today. Don’t wait a single second longer to automate your Instagram content.


10 comments on “How To Schedule Instagram Posts With Tailwind”

  1. I just started using this feature! It’s important to make sure photos are the correct aspect, though. I had one not post because I messed up while cropping and it wasn’t 1:1.

  2. Always heard good things about tailwind. Haven’t tried it yet. Not sure why I haven’t. Now I really need to look into tailwind.

  3. This is an awesome how-to! I signed up for tailwind for instagram and I’ve only used it a few times!! I’m definitely going to give it another shot now! Thanks!

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