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There are a few things suck about being a dog mom. Yep, I said it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all three of my fur kids, but there are a few things that suck. If you want to know all two of the worst things about being a dog mom, keep reading!

The Worst Things About Being a Dog Mom

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Let me fill you in on a secret, no matter how cute your dog is, it will poop. Yall. Poop stinks. And if you want to be a good citizen, you do not leave the poop in the park. You scoop it up with a super thin piece of plastic and tie it closed. Sometimes when you close the bag, the smell cloud will poof right into your nose. It’s not fun.

Fun story: Storm pooped in her crate on her first night at home. Are you prepping to bring home your first puppy? Make sure to read What To Expect When Bringing Home Your New Puppy!


If you made it through the puppy teething stage, this one’s for you. Teething and puppy fangs simple suck. Supposedly, Golden Retrievers have the gentlest bite. I think my goldendoodles missed out on that gene.

McCartney was a big biter. I’m not 100% sure about her life before coming home, but she did have an umbilical hernia that was removed. This leads me to believe that she was not always with her littermates for the first 8 weeks of her life. What does that have to do with teething? Well, she never exactly learned how to play bite and when to stop. It ended up being my arms that took the brunt of the teething.

When Elliott came home about a year later, he was a little better about teething. Mostly, Elliott is just a rough player and his teeth would end up breaking skin–on accident, of course. We must remember that these little puppies are still just babies learning their way in the world. So yes, patience is a virtue.

The Worst Things About Being a Dog Mom Aren’t THAT Bad

Honestly, these two things are not that big of a deal. It seems like no one ever wants to talk about this side of pawrenting. What should I add to my list of the worst things about being a dog mom?

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