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Have you found yourself wondering what happened to social media engagement? In a world full of constantly changing algorithms, it can feel like the social media empires are actually against you. Guess what? It’s not true. Shocking, I know.

Social Media Engagement – What’s Happening?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our personal social media habits. If you’re like me, you may use social media mindlessly to escape reality. That’s okay, but that’s not really the point of social media. It is called SOCIAL media after all.

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So when was the last time you engaged on social media? And I mean really engaged. When’s the last time you wrote a comment with more than 5 words in it? Or a comment with more than just emoji’s? I’m sure you’re having to really think about it, just as I did when I originally asked myself these same questions about my own social media engagement habits.

How can we encourage social media engagement? My number one tip is to engage yourself. Do not be selfish – do not pass go – do not think there is some magical formula or secret to organic growth and follower engagement. If you want others to engage with you, you must also engage with them.

Engage Others to Be Engaged

You need to be out there engaging with others. Share the wealth and model the way. I promise you that others will notice and begin to do the same and you will see your social media engagement grow. Make sure you are engaging with your followers and your niche target market.

Attract people to you by being an awesome and intentional user of the platform. Do not simply go through the motions of scrolling because you want to escape reality or you have nothing else to do. That is not social media engagement.

Social media was born off the need to create connections through electronic systems. If you’re an introvert or prefer technology to people, you will thrive with social media. Where else can you physically be alone and connect with millions of people? No where that I’m aware of allows for this possibility. Use social media to your advantage to grow your connections and impact your community.

Go Out and Be Engaging!

Once you have engaged on four people’s social media accounts, come back and tell me what you found! If you’re looking for ways to grow your instagram following organically, check out my post on Tracie Carrigan’s blog: Grow Your Instagram Following!

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11 comments on “What Happened to Social Media Engagement?”

  1. This is SO true! Thank you for paving the way! We need to totally engage more! We need to take time to read and acknowledge others and their views. That will encourage people to be more active as well. Thank you, southern girl! ❤️

  2. Yes! Social Media has been an important part of my blogging strategy but lately it has been so hard to navigate! I think when we see social media as work we forget to actually engage with others like you said so it can be refreshing to actually do it! 🙂

  3. This is sooooo true! I’ve really been trying to make a habit of being present when going through social media instead of mindlessly scrolling

  4. I feel like I’m slowly starting to give up on growing my social media, but I know it’s SO important in the world of blogging! I’ll check out your post and see what I can change 🙂

  5. With all the choices out there to get involved in, it is no wonder some folks feel overwhelmed and shut out the noise. Social media engagement takes time/effort and folks should decide how much time they wish to spend on it and what makes sense for their lifestyle on/offline.:)

  6. I absolutely agree with you, and wrote a similar take on this a couple of weeks ago. If you engage, your audience will be right there with you, algorithm changes or not.

  7. I definitely think people have stopped engaging because they care, and are only engaging because they want others to see their name/to grow their own blog. I’m gonna have to take a second look at what I’m doing on my end, for sure.

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