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Need a logo, but not sure how the logo design process works or where to find a designer? As a freelance graphic designer, I make logos for various businesses, most often for bloggers and direct sellers. In this post, I cover how the logo design process works for my creative services.

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The Logo Design Process

First, a client will complete the inquiry form for logo creation. This form provides basic information about the client, their business, and their style. Once the client completes this form, I will follow up with an email to set-up a discovery call via Zoom.

On the discovery call, the client and I review expectations and I will ask questions to help me further understand the client’s needs and wants. This call also allows me as the graphic designer to determine if the client and I are a good fit to work together. I only take new clients on a case-by-case basis to ensure I have enough time to provide to my current clients. New clients must mesh well with my personality to be accepted into my creative services clientele.

Let’s Work Together!

If both the client and myself are confident in moving forward, I will send a contract and invoice. Following contract signing and invoice payment, the client receives a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire helps me really flush out what is important to the client in creating their logo. 

During the logo design process, it is helpful for me to be provided with examples of likes and dislikes. I will create a secret Pinterest board for us to collect inspiration items. These inspiration photos and designs help me really dive into the client’s style.

Concept Logos

I will create some concept designs at this point in the logo design process. These concept designs are shared with the client and they have up to 48 hours to respond with changes, likes, dislikes, and other thoughts. The client will also decide which concept logo will be their main logo.

Revisions Are Key to Satisfaction

Following the client’s feedback, I will begin tweaking the logo and making any requested changes. Clients are given two revisions as part of the logo design package. I offer these revisions as part of my process because I want my client to be highly satisfied with their logo.

Once the revisions are complete and the client signs off on their logo, I will provide various formats for them. I will then add their logo to my portfolio of design clients.

The Logo Design Process Timeline

As you can see, the logo design process is quite simple. Depending on the complexity of the design and revisions, the communication, and response time, this process can take anywhere from four to 10 business days.

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