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You keep seeing Color Street all over social media. Those dang nail polish strips are starting to call your name! It’s okay to admit you are thinking about becoming a Color Street stylist! If you googled “How Do I Join Color Street?”, you may have landed here! Guess what? Signing up to become a Color Street stylist is easy as 1, 2, 3!

how to join color street and become a color street stylist!

How Do I Join Color Street & Become a Color Street Stylist?

Step One: Find a Sponsor

The first step to joining any direct sales business is deciding on a sponsor. Often times people will join under their friends because they do not want to ruin a friendship. However, I disagree with this method. When joining a direct sales company and starting your own business, you want to set yourself up for success. If you are truly just kitnapping, that’s cool – join under your friend. If you want to build a boss babe empire when you become a Color Street stylist, then I recommend doing your homework and even interviewing a few potential sponsors.

Interviewing different people allows you to find the sponsor that best matches your needs, wants, and personality. Your needs, wants, and personality preferences are going to vary from every single person in the business, so you want to find someone that you click with. Can you imagine working with someone for a week and just knowing that they are not going to be the best sponsor? At least through these interviews, you can find out if you mesh well with someone or not.

Step Two: Complete the Enrollment Forms

Once you decide on your sponsor, you will need to go to the website and complete the enrollment forms. When you go to your sponsor’s main Color Street page, you will click the JOIN button right below her name and photo on the top left corner. That will take you to the join information page. On this page, you will find information such as why Color Street, the enrollment kits (I recommend the Basic Starter Kit!), and the Jump Start rewards program! Feel free to take the time to read through all of this information before clicking the big red button on the right hand side that says JOIN NOW!

When you click the join now button, you will arrive at the formal enrollment page. Under the Enrollment Option box, you will see and then click on the words “Stylist Enrollment.” This will take you to the information overload site, also known as all the legal information. On this page you will need to download and read the Terms of Agreement, Policies, Compensation Plan, and the Non-Compete information. When you click the check boxes agreeing to all of this information, you will then hit the I AGREE button on the bottom of the page.

Once you click the I Agree button, you will be able to choose your enrollment kit. Again, I highly suggest going with the Basic Starter Kit. Read why I recommend the Basic Starter Kit here. Hit the Add/Continue button to move forward to completing your information. This is basic information from your name to phone number, etc. Complete this form and hit continue.ย The last and final page will walk you through the payment information so your kit order will process.

Step Three: You’re Official!

The second step was the big one. You are now a Color Street stylist! Congratulations! Now you will want to make sure to connect with your sponsor, if you have not already, and begin working on your facebook group. Start right away so that you can work on hitting those Jump Start rewards!

If you are thinking about joining Color Street, you can join my Future Color Street Stylists information group on facebook. I will answer all of your questions regarding how you can join Color Street and everything else you may be wondering. However, if you are ready to join my team, you can do so here: Join Nicole’s Color Street Team and Become a Color Street Stylist Today!

How much easier can starting your own direct sales business be?

how to join color street and become a color street stylist!



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