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If you’re new to the direct sales world, you may not have heard the term kitnapping before. Kitnapping refers to people purchasing a starter kit because it is a better deal than just purchasing items. I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good starter kit and I do not mind kitnappers at all.

Kitnapping For The Win!

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t tell you about the best deal out there? Since we’re friends here, I want to tell you that the Color Street basic starter kit is a great kit to kitnap! Not everyone wants to start a business, some people just want a good discount. I don’t want anyone to miss out on a good deal!

kitnapping color street for the best deal!

Let’s Do The Math

I went over the math in my Basic Starter Kit post, but I’ll remind you that this kit is well worth the money! For just $129 (approximately $150 with shipping and tax) you get a kit of $250+ value! Everything to kick off a business is in this kit. But, since your kitnapping, you want to know about the nail polish strips, right? I thought so!

Currently, the basic starter kit has 10 full sets of nail strips! Those 10 sets are made up of 1 French tip set, 2 solids, 2 glitters, and 5 nail art design sets. When you add up the cost of the nail polish strips alone, the total cost comes out to $125! Seriously, good deal right here! This is exactly why I encourage you to kitnap if you want the best deal!

In addition to the 10 full sets, you also get 72 twosie samples! You can get about four accent nails out of each twosie set. Let’s check the math on that: 72 sets times 4 nails equals 288(!!!!!) accent nails! Oh my word! That is a shit ton of accent nails, y’all!

Kitnapping Is Okay!

Regardless if you want to build a boss girl nail empire or kitnap for an amazing deal, make sure you have a sponsor who understands that. If you need a sponsor that isn’t going to judge you for being a kitnapper, you’re welcome to come over to my future stylist group or go ahead and sign up here to grab your Color Street starter kit!

If you have kitnapped before, what made you do it?


10 comments on “Kitnapping the Color Street Starter Kit”

  1. Ha! I love that you are so cool about it! A sale is a sale and they may like you product so much they become a regular. Seems perfectly logical to me!!

  2. This is a whole new world to me as I’ve never heard the term used. If it offers a decent cost value then it makes sense to do it.

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