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After doing the math and reading all about Color Street, you know that the Color Street starter kit is an amazing deal. If you want to know all the details of the Color Street starter kit, I will cover them in this post.

The Color Street Starter Kit

Regardless of your level of interest in the business side of Color Street, I recommend getting the Basic Starter Kit. This kit is a $250+ value for just $129 plus tax and shipping and is the smaller of the two kits. Yes, I am telling you to go with the smaller kit, even if you want to build a girl boss empire. Why? Because if you want more nail polish strips, you can purchase them in the stylist back office and have it count towards your personal volume (PV).

Show Me The Starter Kit

Watch my Color Street starter kit unboxing video below!

Basic Starter Kit: Kick Off Your Business!

In the Basic Starter Kit, you will get everything you need to kick off your business! Or just to play with for those kitnappers out there! (Hi!!!) My favorite part of this kit is the nail polish strips. You get 10 FULL sets of nail polish strips: 1 French tips, 2 solid’s, 2 glitter’s, and 5 nail art design’s! That’s a lot of nails, y’all! I’m also amazed that the kit contains 72 testers, called twosies because they contain two nail polish strips. Did you know that you can get between 3 and 5 nails out of those twosies?! Even more nails to look super cute!!! Polish the world, y’all!

More Than Just Color Street Nail Polish Strips

Besides the amazing nail polish strip sets and twosies, the kit also contains two boxes of nail polish remover pads, one box of prep pads, two large nail files (in a cute nail file case!!!), two nail buffer blocks, 60 mini nail files, 50 cuticle sticks, a tote bag, and all the paperwork! WOW! I’m legit obsessed with the nail files in the cases because I do not want a nail file scratching up the inside of my bag! And can we talk about those mini nail files for a second? They are the cutest little things ever! To be honest, I did not know I was getting all of this stuff and I was so excited when I opened my box!!

The paperwork in the Color Street Basic Starter Kit is your typical paperwork: catalogs, success maps, order forms, a welcome note, etc. I will probably not use those order forms because I plan to do 99% of my business online. Yep, 99% online. Being a millennial does have it’s advantages, y’all.

Let’s Do This Thing!

If you are ready to take the leap, join my Color Street team today! However, if you are still debating and want more information, come over to my future Color Street stylists group! I’ll answer all of your questions there!

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  1. This looks like a great starter kit for those wanting to start Color Street. I also agree that our current generation has the online advantage to reach more of the correct people. All the best to you.

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