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Spark. According to, spark has a few similar meanings:

Noun: an ignited or fiery particle; anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst; a trace of life or vitality. Verb (without object): to send forth gleams or flashes. Verb (with object): to kindle, animate, or stimulate (interest, activity, spirit, etc.)

Spark – Word of the Year

Spark is my 2018 word of the year, also known as one little word to some. What’s a word of the year? It’s basically a word that someone uses as a guide, a motivator, and as accountability as they go through the year. For me personally, this does so much more than setting a new year’s resolution. I never stick to new year’s resolutions, but I have stuck to a word of the year and let it be the little person whispering in my ear.

word of the year 2018 spark

I have so many plans for this year and I’m excited to be the spark that ignites change. Changes are coming for my business, my personal life, and more! For now, just know that I‘m a little fiery particle waiting to be someone’s inspiration, the catalyst to change someone’s life, and my flashes of light are just waiting to glow.

Ignite Business

I’m looking forward to growing my Color Street nail business this year. That includes growing a bomb ass team of girl bosses! I want to be able to say I was the inspiration that helped someone start their own business and help them reach their goals. If you even have an inkling of thought that you should join Color Street, do it! Don’t sit back and wait while others build their nail empire! Color Street isn’t even a year old yet and I KNOW that BIG things are coming this year!!

Vitality & Health

Remember the part of spark that means trace of life? Yeah, so it’s time to put on my big girl panties and get myself healthy. I’ve kind of put that shit on the back burner because there are so many other things I want to focus on, like netflix or dogs or naps-because narcolepsy. My father-in-law gave us an Instant Pot for Christmas, so it’s time to start making some healthy food. Even when I don’t feel like it. I’ve got to SPARK that journey to being healthy. I’m not like pre-diabetic or anything like that, but did y’all know that diabetes is preventable? Heart disease too! And heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US. Time to kick my own ass.

Kindle Relationships

I believe that Travis and I have a really good relationship and marriage. However, I want to kindle our relationship and focus more on us. You know, not playing on the phone during dinner, going and doing stuff together more often, not being hermits, etc. I’m going to make it a point to be a more romantic person. If you have any cool ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comments because that’s not really my thing.

Spark in 2018

Overall, I plan take my little spark and ignite my life! And don’t think I won’t be sparkling the whole time either! I’ll make sure to do a monthly check-in post to update y’all on my word of the year and what it means to me at that point in the year. So tell me, do you have a word or the year? What is it?

9 comments on “Spark – My 2018 Word of the Year”

  1. I love this! I love passion for a goal. You’re gonna kick 2018’s butt girl. This just got me pumped up for my goals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I absolutely love this! I set a phrase this year, but it and my goals are very similar to yours! And I can tell from the excitement and conviction in your post that you are going to take your SPARK and set your world on FIRE! I can’t wait to follow your blog this year and watch you reach your goals!

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