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If you’re on social media, you have probably heard about Color Street recently. You might be wondering “what is Color Street?” Let me clue you in, it’s a life-changing product! Color Street is taking the direct sales world by storm!


what's Color Street? nail polish strips that are life-changing! read all about it on the blog now!

Color Street Solves Problems!

I am a perfectionist so I have two issues: I bite my nails and I hate that I cannot paint my nails perfectly. With Color Street I get to solve both of these problems. I love the ease of using these real nail polish strips and getting a PERFECT manicure! No need to worry about painting outside the lines and on my skin.

el derado color street nail polish strips -

Of course, with gorgeous nails I do not want to bite these digits. I am really trying to break this perfectionist, anxiety driven habit and I know that Color Street is going to help me do it! This is a habit I’ve had my entire life, so I’m excited to have Color Street lead me to accomplish this goal.


Seriously Easy: Nail Polish Strips

Wondering if it is really that easy? Yep! Applying Color Street is so easy that my 8-year-old niece can do it! I even let her do my nails because I don’t have to worry about a mess like I would with liquid polish. So, fun fact: once you apply, trim, and file you are good to go! No heating tools, no dry time, no waiting! Like I said, these nail polish strips are life-changing. Want to check them out for yourself? Come on over and join my VIP group, where you can request a twosie nail sample once you’re added!


broadway glimmer! color street nail polish strips -

The Color Street Opportunity

As soon as I learned about the opportunity, I decided to join Color Street as a stylist. Y’all, the kit value way exceeds the cost! For $129, the kit contains 10 sets of nail strips PLUS everything else to get the business started. Catalogs, nail files, samples, order forms, polish remover, etc were all in the starter kit! The price of 10 sets of nails at $13.00 each is $130.00! You do not have to be great at math to see this is an awesome deal! Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have questions about joining my team! If you are ready to take the plunge, you can join my Color Street team now!


Considering Color Street just launched this past June, I thought that joining this new company would give me a lot of the things I am looking for in a direct sales business. Leading a team, helping other women achieve their goals and dreams, and becoming a work at home dog mom are just a few of the things at the top of my goal list! If you want to learn more about joining my team, or just about kitnapping the starter kit, shoot me an email or PM me on facebook messenger! Let’s work together to achieve your dreams!!

what's color street? nail polish in strip form! read all about it now!



24 comments on “Color Street – The Life-Changing Nail Polish Strips!”

  1. I broke my nail biting habit a few years ago but have recently started doing it again and I know if I would just keep my nails painted I would stop! These strips are such a great idea! No mess, no waiting for paint to dry.

  2. It sounds like it would attract all those who love to do their nails in interesting styles and colors. The name caught my attention.

  3. I’ve never tried nail polish strips because I assumed they would be difficult to put on, but this sounds so easy!! Would love to see a quick video of you showing how it’s done!! 🙂

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