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Now that you know the beauty of Tailwind from this post, I’m going to fill you in on tribes! Tailwind tribes sounds really complicated, but at the end of the day they are little groups of similar interests and niches. Once I started figuring out the benefits of Tailwind tribes, my reach skyrocketed!

Tell Me About Tailwind Tribes

In a tribe, you’ll share the content you create for your blog with the tribe members. The members will then schedule to share your content on their Pinterest account. Since tribes are based on niche interests, this makes it a win-win for you. You’ll be able to share similar and relevant content with your audience while others do the same. Even if you do not create content through blogging, you can share pictures and Instagram posts. Or you can just use the tribe to find content to schedule and pin. Put that shit on autopilot!!!


Tailwind Tribes: what are they? how do I use them? find out here:


Share The Wealth

So if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering why should I share someone else’s content? Because they are going to share your content too! A rising tide lifts all ships resonates so much with Tailwind and Pinterest. You’re curating content for your audience and others are doing the same. Share the wealth and it will come back to your 10 fold.


Tailwind Tribes: what are they? how do I use them? find out here:

Tailwind allows you to join up to five tribes on the smallest plan of $15 per month, billed monthly. I suggest taking advantage of this and joining five of the ones that best fit your niches based on your content and ideal client. You can, however, purchase power ups that allow you to join more tribes as well as submit more content. When Tailwind was testing tribes, you could join as many as you wanted and submit as much content as you wanted. I’m actually glad they have limited the content submission now because it means the content will be the cream of the crop!


If you decide not to use Tailwind, you can cancel your subscription and still use the tribes feature for free. There is a bit more work involved in this process and you will need to manually pin those posts. Personally, that does not make sense for me and I would rather spend the money and save the time.


Tribes: Accountability & Community

When you join a tribe, make sure you read the rules set out by the tribe owner. Some tribes are 1:1 sharing while others are 1:3, and then some only allow vertical pins. Make sure the content you are adding is good, high-quality content and not just something you threw together. You want others to see your content and share it.


Are you a fur mom and needing a tribe to join? I would love to have you join my Saunders Says Paw Pack – Fur Moms tribe! I just launched this tribe and I am so excited to see all the blogs and pictures of your fur babies! This specific tribe is for dog moms!

On the tribes tab, you can see the stats for both the tribe and your personal results. This little feature is nice when you want to evaluate your tribe membership. If your re-share, repins, and reach are low, it might be time to find a new tribe. Again, if you aren’t sharing others content from that tribe, do not expect your’s to get shared either. However, if you are doing everything you can to share others’ content and you’re not seeing the results you want, leave that tribe and find another one.


As Tailwind states, tribes were built to “encourage a friendly, collaborative, and spam-free community.” Come on over to Tailwind and start using tribes today; become a part of the community.


Tailwind Tribes


18 comments on “Building A Community with Tailwind Tribes”

  1. I currently have a Pro Tailwind plan but I do not belong to any tribes. I really like your remarks about them. Tailwind has boosted my Pinterest analytics and I can see the shift when I leave my queue empty for a while. I’m almost ready to take that next step into Tribes.

  2. I tried Tailwind Tribes and I liked it but maybe I wasn’t joining the right tribes because no body was really pinning other members pins ??‍♀️

  3. I absolutely love Tailwind, but have had a little bit of trouble easily navigating the whole Tribes thing. So this post is perfect, and I love your comments about them. Super helpful and insightful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a really useful post – I’ve been thinking about getting Tailwind for a really long time and I think I’ll finally take the plunge in the new year. Then it’s just a case of finding my Tailwind Tribe 🙂

  5. I love Tribes! It took me months to figure out what they were and how they would help grow my blog, but it’s been a godsend since then!

  6. While I’m familiar with all the benefits of Tailwind, I haven’t joined it because my VA has and I benefit that way. Might join in the new year.

  7. I didn’t know this was a thing! This is gonna be a game changer for me. I’ll be sharing with my mom blogger friends. 🙂

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