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Bringing a puppy home and worried about all the puppy supplies you need? I know how overwhelming–and exciting–this time can be for you as a new pawrent. This comprehensive new puppy supplies shopping guide will ensure you have all the items to streamline your fur baby’s transition into your home. When we brought our girls, Storm the Basset and McCartney Doodle home we had information overload! What toys are best for a new puppy? What food should we get for our new puppy? Do we need pet insurance? There is a lot to think about as you become a new pawrent. Let me mark the new puppy supplies off your to-do list!

puppy supplies: a shopping guide for new pawrents -



I put together all the things I love and cannot live without as a new pawrent to make your transition smooth.


Make your life easier by getting all of these items prior to your new puppy coming home. Ease the transition for your new puppy and have all of the essentials ready.

Dogs are pack animals, they are born as litters, and don’t know anything else. This little snuggle puppy (1) has a heartbeat and warming pack to help your pup feel at ease as he gets used to sleeping without his litter mates.

The kong (32) is legendary for a reason. There are so many things you can do with a kong: stuff it with treats, stuff it peanut butter and freeze it, or just simply fill it with kibble and let your pup work for her food.

Puppy wipes (13), which are essentially wet wipes for your pup. We used these with McCartney all the time because her fur attracts dirt and she was prone to UTI’s. These were much easier than giving a full on bath.

You will want to get your new fur baby used to wearing a collar (8). She’ll have to wear one when she goes to the vet or any place in public. Make sure to get one that will fit. Puppies of the same breed may come in various sizes, even when born to the same litter.

new puppy supplies shopping guide for new pawrents

Get both your’s and your dog’s information engraved on a tag (4). You never know when they may get loose and sprint off. If you don’t have a tag on their collar and someone finds them, they won’t know where they came from and how to get them back home.

A tag clip (5) is the easiest way to hook on tags. When we go to the dog park, we have to take our rabies vaccine tag. With the tag clip, we just leave the rabies tag on it at all times and then simple clip it on before we go to the park. Easy peasy.

When you take your little guy on a walk, you’ll want to make sure you have a harness (23) that fits. Harnesses help prevent pulling as well as the coughing a dog does when pulling. That coughing noise you hear, it’s your dog’s trachea and we don’t want it to collapse. McCartney started with an XS harness and Elliott started with a M. Same breed of dog, so make sure to fit it!

I’ll admit it, I’m a leash (15) snob. Under no circumstances should you ever use a retractable leash. Don’t do it unless you want to lose a finger or have your dog’s leg cut in half. I’m not even kidding. I’ll save the rest of my rant for another day, but 4-6ft leash is the perfect length for a new puppy. Start using this when you take your pup outside for potty breaks and when you walk them. This helps them get used to wearing a leash.

Poop bags (20) because no one wants to step in shit. Don’t be that dog owner.

All three of our puppies came home to their own crate (12) with a divider. You want to give your pup just enough room for them to turn around and lay down comfortably. If you give your new puppy too much room, they will potty in the crate. I did not want to buy more crates down the line, so I got the size suggested for their breed with a divider.

Have you seen the meme about puppies actually being dinosaurs? It’s actually true. Puppies need something to teeth on, just like humans. Instead of letting your hands and arms become their go-to, have these pumpkin teething rings (29) on stand-by. These things were a lifesaver for McCartney’s mouth and my arms.

No one wants to lay on hard plastic, not even a puppy. Use a crate liner (2) to pad the crate for your new fur baby. If you make the crate comfortable, they are going to like being in there!

Stainless bowls (6) stay clean and don’t slip on slick surfaces. We have two of them just for water!

Sometimes puppies like to gobble their food up. Elliott certainly gobbled his up and still does, so this slow feeding bowl (24) helped him think about his eating. Slower eating helps to prevent bloat, which can impact larger breeds like basset hounds and goldendoodles.

Want to reward your new puppy? Give him half of one of these Zuke’s Treats (27) and he’ll be as happy as a clam. Treats are also great for training your new puppy commands like sit and down.


Do yourself (and your groomer) a favor and get your new pup used to almost all of the grooming tools. Dogs with fur need to be combed on a routine basis, but all dogs will need some type of home grooming between professional appointments.

A shower nozzle (18) will allow you to give your puppy a bath in your own bathtub. We’ve tried the ones that go on over the water spout, but we prefer the one that goes on at the shower head.

even though our dogs are not young puppies anymore, we still use this shampoo (9). We all love the smell and it gets them clean without irritating their eyes.

Oh, you thought puppies didn’t need conditioner (28)? Well, this is the secret for making their coat soft and shiny! Even Storm the Basset gets conditioner and she shines like a diamond!

Cowboy Magic (26)!! This stuff really is magic! We use it after baths and before combing. It really helps keep the matts down. We get a lot of compliments on how soft our doodles’ hair is and we owe it to this detangler!

A microfiber towel (10) is the best at sopping up all the water that dog fur loves to hold. I have multiples of these towels and keep some in the car since we never know when we might take our next hike or waterfall adventure.

Dogs can get ear infections just like humans. If you take your dog swimming or hiking a lot, make sure to clean their ears very frequently using ear cleaner (11). Start out cleaning them once a week and get your puppy used to this process.

Use this comb (3) to combat mats. Combing your dog should be at the top of your to-do list daily. If you get behind, you may experience some mats and that can be painful for your dog. Start doing this the day you bring your puppy home.

At some point, you’ll want to use scissors (21) to trim little hairs from your puppy. It might be the hair near her eyes so she can see better or the hair near his bum so that poop doesn’t get stuck on it. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to have a good pair on hand.

Learn how to use nail trimmers (25) before actually using them. Even just a little clip on a weekly basis will help your pup get used to being handled. You puppy’s nails should not be long enough to make clicking sounds when walking. If they do click, they are too long and can cause issues for your dog. Usually your vet will trim the nails when you visit for puppy shots.

Once you cut the nails, they will be razor sharp. This Dremel (19) tool will help sand them down. Get your pup used to the noise before going full force with it!


Puppies are growing and learning, just like a human baby. They need items to help develop their skills and there are toys made just for that purpose. Your new fur baby will also need toys to play and toys to chew. The more variety you can provide, the better!

One of the best items for developing your pup’s brain, the puzzle (14)! McCartney still loves playing with her puzzle!

The pickle (22) is another favorite for brain development. Your pup has to figure out how to get the treats out of the slits in the pickle. Our dog trainer recommend this one and we concur!

All of our dogs love the little hide and find burrow toys from Zippy Paws. McCartney’s favorite is this panda (7) one and Storm loves the bunnies and carrot! This helps with both brain development and playing! I mean who doesn’t want the smartest dog in the neighborhood? Then you can be a proud new pawrent.

Remember what I told yall about puppies really being dinosaurs? It’s true! This little teething ring set (30) is perfect to help them through the teething stage of puppyhood.

This rooster (17) has crinkle sounds and a squeaker, which makes it fun for all the pups. Variety in toys will give your puppy less opportunities for boredom.

Massaging nubs on this chew bone (16) offer a different texture for your new puppy’s growing teeth. Again, variety in toys will keep your puppy occupied.


At some point, you’ll want to take your new puppy with you on an adventure. These items are perfect if you plan to take your pup anywhere outside of the house.

Having a travel crate (33) is a lifesaver for your vehicle. Prevent your puppy from climbing, scratching, and using the potty all over your interior. A soft-sided folding crate comes in handy if you ever need to take your pup with you to work or you don’t want to take the large wire crate with you on vacation.

We take collapsible bowls (31) with us everywhere because frequently take water breaks during walks. Sometimes people laugh at me for using them and being that fur mom. But,I laugh back because my bowl collapses and takes up less room! Ha!


Current dog owners, did I forget anything? Anything on the list surprise you? As a new pawrent, are you feeling better about bringing your fur baby home? Are you getting excited to shop for all the new puppy supplies?


I bet you're thinking "what do I need for a new puppy dog?" I've put together a comprehensive list of all the supplies you need to bring a new dog home! Read through this list for the 33 items I recommend!











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  1. I can’t believe how similar this list is to having a new baby! So many similar products! My friend rescued 2 dogs and she loves the collapsable bowls.

  2. I was just talking with my husband about getting a puppy, so finding your post came at the perfect time. I’m saving this- thank you! I also love the term, “pawrent”. 🙂

  3. You completely nailed this one and totally reminded me that I need to clean the pups ears! The portable dog dish is an absolute MUST have for us – we hike far too often not to have something like that!

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