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Somewhere between finishing grad school and starting my second professional job, I fell in love with dressing up for Halloween and creating Halloween costumes. My first year at my previous position, I challenged my colleagues to rock a Halloween costume with me and we’ve had some type of unofficial office costume contest since. I’ll go over all of my past Halloween costumes and share ways you can create your own. However, my favorite group costume was in 2016 when we went as Stranger Things!


magical mouse

The first year I dressed up for Halloween at work, I took the easy and cute route. Taking inspiration from Minnie Mouse, I wore a J. Crew chiffon polka dot shirt knotted over a black dress and red tights. I also had my super fun sequin mouse ears from a few years prior when I visited Disney World. I’m telling y’all I made the shirt knotted over a dress thing a trend–this was years before LuLaRoe even existed and everyone started doing it. You’re welcome! ha! My Halloween costume from this year is super easy to recreate by using a black dress and mouse ears!


halloween costume minnie mouse


the charlie brown gang

We decided to take the Halloween costumes up a notch and have teams in the office the second year. The teams were created by staff positions, so my student staff and I decided to dress as Charlie Brown and friends. I used a yellow shirt, black gaff tape, black skirt, black tights, brown shoes, yellow cardigan, and black bow headband to make my Charlie Brown Halloween costume. My students decided to go as Schroeder and Lucy. To recreate this look, all you need is this awesome Charlie Brown shirt and some black pants!


charlie brown halloween costume


Rock, paper, scissors! Shoot!

The following year, we wanted to change things up again and decided it would be fun to do professional staff vs student staff. Our pro staff was typically pretty competitive, so I think we knocked this one out of the ballpark! With three pro staff, we decided that Rock, Paper, Scissors would be a fun Halloween costume to create for our group. I made a tutu to wear over my black jeans and grey sweater, but you can totally purchase this similar one on Amazon! And, yes, there was a big silver bow to finish off my look as the rock. These costumes were super easy and did not require much to make!


rock paper scissors group halloween costume


Feeling a little Blue

One of my favorite group costumes was Inside Out. Side note, my colleague had to be Disgust because she was also doing this costume with her family and I was a little disgusted. Ha! Honestly, Disgust would have just been too easy for me! I finally decided to dress as Sadness! It worked out perfectly because I was able to dye my hair blue AND wear leggings! I really milked this Halloween costume because I loved posing like the movie posters! This Halloween costume is super easy to recreate considering you just need blue bottoms and a grey top as well as these super fun plastic glasses! Oh yeah, don’t smile!


inside out group halloween costume


Stranger Things 2016

The 2016 group costume was pretty legit, too. I had just finished watching Stranger Things and knew that I had to be Eleven. If I could have found a light pink LuLaRoe Amelia dress, it would have been perfect for Eleven. However, I couldn’t find one in time so I decided to sew my own. I used a combination of patterns and did the pin-tucking on the front of the dress from scratch in addition to this peter-pan collar from Amazon. Finally, Halloween arrived and I walked around with my pink dress, high top chucks, knee socks, blue jacket, and bloody nose. Planning this costume for two months lead me to purchase stage make up for the blood to create the perfect bloody nose. I cannot tell y’all how many people actually thought my nose was bleeding. It was a bit hysterical. You can also see Elle’s friends: Will, Hopper, & Joyce! (Side note: Hopper picked up all of his clothing from Goodwill!)


stranger things group halloween costume


halloween costumes of the future

Halloween costumes for this year have yet to be decided. I really hope we keep the tradition going, and I will be sure to update you as soon as Halloween is here! One thing’s for certain, I’ll be dressing up! Maybe I’ll curl my hair up tight and go as Eleven from Stranger Things again? You’ll have to check back here and find out!


2017 group halloween costumes






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