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Because everyone has an introvert in their life

Yall, if you have read my about me page, you know I am obsessed with the MBTI and I amĀ an introvert. I’m a proud introvert over here waving my introvert club membership flag. On second thought, I am not waving that flag because that means attracting attention and I do not want to be the center of attention.

here are a few things you should know about us:

  • We are quiet. And we are probably soaking up every. single. word. of some story you are telling us. Or we are thinking about how to reply without being awkward. We are processing our thoughts and the world around us. That’s what introversion means, we’re internal processors.
  • We need downtime. I know some extroverts out there claim this too, but it’s not to the same extent. Literally, when I have back-to-back meetings and it is required to talk to people all day, I cannot listen to the radio on the way home. Usually quiet and semi-solitude with my family gets me back to my normal self. After a 3-4 day conference, I will nap for a day–maybe two.
  • We want to be invited, but we don’t want to feel obligated to actually go. Of course, we love our friends–the real ones that we can gush to when we’re having a “moment”–but we love not being bound to obligations even more. Introverts don’t want to disappoint you by not showing up, but if you tell us it’s okay to reschedule, we just MIGHT take you up on that offer. Which is why I typically offer my friends a way out when we make plans.
  • Awkward is something we know very well. We try to formulate the perfect response in our brains, but it comes out totally weird. We didn’t mean for that to happen, but sometimes our mouths cannot keep up with our brains. Sometimes we even trip over things or run into corners because we get lost thinking about something. INFJ’s are pretty clumsy.
  • Our inner life is very rich and our brains do not stop. Seriously. If you’re an introvert with any kind of anxiety, you’ll probably lay awake all night thinking about the one awkward thing you said that day and how someone could misconstrue it and turn the whole world against you. We like to think of the extreme possibilities here. *Side note: sometimes when I’m really deep in thought and someone talks to me, I forget what I was thinking about and have to really think to remember. It’s like waking up from an intense dream and trying to fall back asleep so you can finish it.
If you’re an introvert, can you relate? If you’re an extrovert, do some of the scenarios remind you of someone in your life?
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