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Seriously, goldendoodles are the best dogs ever.

If you are looking for a dog that is low-to-no shedding, smart, and loving, you will want to consider goldendoodles as a breed of choice. These dogs are pricey, so plan on spending $2,000 or more. For me, my dogs were worth every single penny (and more)!

My first goldendoodle, McCartney, is a very SMART dog! She loves to work hard and please me during training. McCartney and I have THAT bond and we make a great team. We took three classes together: puppy manners, adolescent manners, and adult manners & Canine Good Citizen (CGC). She did not pass her CGC exam at the time, but she was still under a year old. McCartney is not a big people fan, except for her immediately family. We plan to retest for the CGC in the future.

Elliott, my second goldendoodle, is a very LOVING dog! He loves people, getting loved on, and cuddling when he is not busy being a puppy. Elliott is currently in adolescent manners class and does very well, but he enjoys drinking water a bit more than paying attention. I am hoping that Elliott will continue with classes and eventually become a certified therapy dog. He has a very calm demeanor and loves to get love!

While both of my goldendoodles have very different personalities, they both have the qualities of the breed that many people want: intelligence and friendliness. Besides personalities, goldendoodles shed VERY little! It is amazing to me that I can cuddle and pet them with virtually no hairs left behind on my clothing. This is very different from our basset hound, Storm. I love that I do not need to worry about dog hair. However, this does mean that goldendoodles need grooming every 6 weeks or so.

If you have a goldendoodle, I bet you agree that they are the best dogs ever! Do you have any reasons why goldendoodles are the best?


goldendoodles are the best dogs ever!

10 comments on “Goldendoodles Are The Best Dogs Ever!”

  1. I know this post is about goldendoodles, but you had me at basset hound, lol! I LOVE those dogs – with their long ears and their droopy eyes. I had one growing up and am just waiting to get a place with a yard! A couple friends of mine have goldendoodles though and they are also the sweetest!


  2. I’m not familiar with the breed and have often imagined dogs I see that look like that to be a different breed. I’m happy for you that you have a dog you love.

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